In the spirit of spreading ‘Aqua Fever’ and the myriad of benefits water fitness brings, hear it from some of my participants:

  • ”Participating in the water fitness classes conducted by Laura has changed my life. I have some chronic disabilities that affect my balance and mobility. Because of this, I am limited to the type of land exercises that I can do so I was doing very little healthy activities. Fortunately for me, Laura started teaching her water fitness classes at the Flaherty pool where I swim. I have found her classes effective, challenging, fun and safe to do. My balance and coordination have  greatly improved and my doctor has been amazed at the overall change in my health as a result of these classes. Laura’s attention to detail, enthusiasm and clear directions as she moves us through our workout is uplifting and energizing. She is very attuned to our needs and makes sure we are always performing the exercises safely and provides individual guidance when and if needed to ensure that we all benefit. I love these classes and look forward to going each week. I am so much healthier as a result of these weekly workouts!”


  • “Laura is a phenomenon! She rocks the line between sass  and class. She knows when to pull forward and when to hold back leading our water fitness group through well thought out sequences of exercises in an energetic ,varied way. Being in her water fitness class is an experience you don’t want to miss.  She has positively influenced so many of us in our journey towards a healthier life. Thank you Laura for your positive energy and knowledgeable input.”


  • ”When I joined the Flaherty pool, the guy at the desk said, “you should try the class on Friday morning — my mom loves it.”  I ignored him since I had done aqua aerobics before and remembered dreading it. A shoulder issue kept me from lap swimming, though, so I decided to give the class a try. So glad I did!  Laura had us doing high kicks to New York, New York and I was hooked. The music, the jokes, the enthusiasm — the classes are FUN even though they are GOOD for you. I would highly recommend trying one of Laura’s classes if you want to boost your energy, boost your fitness, and boost your spirits.”


  • "Laura is one of my life long best friends, who has consistently valued her vitality & fitness throughout her life. What’s great is she’s turned this into a platform to serve & empower others to live healthier. I had the pleasure of experiencing her water fitness class recently. It was fun, low impact, varied in intensity & oh so so achievable! What appealed to me most was I got to set my own pace. She offered variations on a few exercises – so I could choose my own adventure based on my level of flexibility and fitness. Thank you, Laura. I highly recommend Laura to anyone from any age, stage or gender who wants to feel more energetic & healthy. Perfect for you if gyms don’t appeal, or personal trainers are too expensive.”


  • "This is not your typical water fitness class! I am 48 years old. I was struggling with a hip injury that prevented me from running and I needed to find a new aerobic activity. I am an avid swimmer and enjoy doing open water swims but also need a strong core workout. Laura’s class has it all. My heart rate stays in aerobic range the whole class. And my triceps and abs are often feeling the burn during class and after class. Laura brings positive energy, the right amount of enthusiasm, and a new routine to each class. She often incorporates moves that remind me of my yoga and pilates classes. I am completely hooked on her class!!!!”


  • "Laura’s classes are fabulous! She names, models, and if necessary modifies moves for any aqua athlete. In each class, Laura includes good music, a variety of exercise for a total body workout (think “bootcamp”), a warm up and cool down. If you are looking for a great workout, check out one of Laura’s classes."

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