• Laura Chritton

New Schedule - Wednesdays Only

Dear Water Fitness Athletes,

As you all now know, starting in December I will only be offering 1 class/week: Wednesdays - TABAQUA @ 10am.

The reason for this change is that I’m starting a new part-time job and I only have time to offer1 class.

Though I am sad to stop teaching Aqua Fusion & Deep Power, through an informal poll, I have learned from you loyal members that if given a choice of 1 class, you would choose Tabaqua... Tabaqua it is!

It was a challenge to keep you warm for the yoga portion of Aqua Fusion so it makes sense to let that one go, and Deep Power had been struggling for awhile with attendance…

With safety as our #1 priority, and proper alignment as our #2, (can you hear me saying ‘shoulders over hips over knees’, ‘shoulders down and back, tuck them into your back pocket’ ?) let’s continue to work to the maximum level of our abilities, bringing our best selves together in the pool each Wednesday.

That said, you now have a giant bag of water fitness moves to draw on and can gather together

in the pool any day to practice the moves.

I am grateful for our community and all of the intensity, focus, support, kindness, fellowship,

and energy you bring each week!!

Happy Thanksgiving season now and every day.


Laura Chritton

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